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How to Get Your Mojo Back

October 27, 2021
Today, I am sharing tips as to how you can fuel your life force - how to feel more frisky and have more fun as you grapple with the existential challenges that keep us reeling.
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Heading into the Unknown

September 3, 2021
When I see the desperation on the faces of those trying to escape from the terror of the latest Isis attack and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, I worry.
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Transcending Chaos and Catastrophe

May 21, 2021
I wish we could sit together on my verandah and share stories about how we got through the shutdown, although I know many are still unable or unwilling to venture out into the world.
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A Noisy Spirit Returns from Africa with an Idea

April 24, 2021
To my dear friends, We must thank Darnella Frazier, the courageous 17-year-old who shot the video of the excruciatingly slow murder of George Floyd.  Without her film, which triggered a nation-wide outcry that saw protestors, politicians, religious leaders and other groups calling for police reform in the United States, the conviction of a policeman charged for the killing of yet another black person would have been highly unlikely.
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Spend Valentine’s Day with Me and My Noisy Spirits!

February 2, 2021
Dear Friends, Back in June, I promised to send another newsletter soon.  But then in mid-July something strange happened.  I was in a deep sleep when I was awakened by words flowing through my mind.  Sleepy and annoyed, I whispered them into my phone so my husband wouldn't wake up.  The next morning, I was startled to read the opening lines of my first-ever poem, "A New Creation."
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A Birthday Wish

June 26, 2020
I have learned so much in the past three months, about major issues, like epidemiology, systemic racial injustice and the power of passionate people, but I have also discovered how much I miss serendipitous conversations over Yorkshire tea and cookies at the Center.
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