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Creative Visions Gathering

I feel like herding cats - or Board Members - is always a challenge, but we pulled off a Creative Visions gathering at a recent New York Sundowner at Carousel in Downtown New York.  Thanks to generous hosts John Velasco and Pete Kasko, our team met a room full of creative, active individuals. Pictured here (from Left to Right): Dori Gurwitz, Elinor Tatum, Kim Brizzolara, Alyana Verjee and Erik Stangvik - a new member of our executive team.
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Visit to Planet Home

Highlight of my visit to Planet Home, a gathering of hundreds of individuals concerned about human’s role in creating climate change, was spending time with Xiuhtezcatl, founder of Earth Guardians.  Please learn more here:
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Television Industry Advocacy Award

What an honor to present the Television Industry Advocacy Award to my hero Isha Sesay, a globally acclaimed author, speaker and former CNN anchor (for 13 years on CNN 360).  Isha wrote part of her book, “Beneath the Tamarind Tree”, about the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria, in our guest house. She is one of the most courageous journalists I know, and a deeply cherished fairy godchild.
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