Join us for the launch of Hope Rising – a Movement based on the Book

Hosted by former journalist, author and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Isha Sesay, this not-your-usual-boring-old virtual event will feature a lively conversation with Kathy Eldon, best-selling author of “Hope Rising,” and founder of Creative Visions.

Global luminaries, including Rocky Dawuni, John Edward, Julian Lennon, the Get Lit Players, Kweku Mandela, Rain Phoenix, Rob Raco, Joe Sumner, Marianne Williamson, Lucy Woodward, Diva Zappa, Isabel and Grace Roosevelt and other luminaries will perform and read poems as they share how they see hope and what we need to do to create the world we want.

Kathy wrote the book with the help of her “Noisy Spirits” who have inspired her since her son Dan, a 22-year-old Reuters photojournalist, was killed while on assignment in Somalia.

This remarkable collection is sparking a movement with a new vision of the future and how we get there.

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by Kathy Eldon & her Noisy Spirits

“Hope Rising” is an interactive collection of witty, engaging, and often surprisingly informative spoken word poems. Interspersed are Kathy’s whimsical drawings and musings about love, parenthood, the pandemic, and what happens after our wild and precious lives are over.

Written when social unrest and the Coronavirus competed for headlines with wildfires that raged around the world, this remarkable collection offers an inspiring new vision for the future and what we have to do to get there. The book, which includes prompts to help you map out your own path to a more positive future, should spark a desire to start living the life of your choice, for we have absolutely no idea what’s happening next.

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“Kathy Eldon has long possessed a special gift: being able to summon exactly the right words to comfort and guide, during times of emotional turbulence. In ‘Hope Rising,’ she accomplishes something extraordinary. With brilliance, wit and beauty, Kathy carries us beyond the pain and confusion of this present moment, to a place of healing, hope and commitment to a better tomorrow. Every poem is a treasure!”

– Isha Sesay, United Nations Ambassador, journalist, author, Beneath the Tamarind Tree

“Kathy Eldon is a wonder. Her latest creative vision, HOPE RISING, is an inspired, imaginative, moving and entertaining work, offering great insight and wisdom into our need for a deeper connection with oneself and with others during perilous times. I highly recommend HOPE RISING for anyone looking for the next great read and interactive experience – one that is both timely and timeless.” 

– Professor Teri Schwartz, Former Dean (2009-2019) UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television 

“I’ve known Kathy for over a decade now but it feels like I knew her for a lifetime before that. Her courageous and bold approach to life leads one to believe that the time we spend on this earth can not only bring hope and joy to others, but that life itself can have value outside of any material plane we may operate in. ‘Hope Rising’ sets the record straight on how we can learn to love, live and trust in higher power that sometimes we lose track of.”

– Kweku Mandela, Producer; President, Out of Africa Entertainment; Co-Founder, Africa Rising Foundation

“Kathy Eldon delivers what humanity needs most in these trying times … HOPE!!! By getting us to think, feel & create… we are able to navigate & release negativity and plot a course for healing.”

– John Edward Psychic Medium / host of TVsCrossing Over

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